Zipline Canopy Tours

With optional cave exploration at Bega 1 or Boxtunich

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Explore the jungle from an aviary perspective with an exhilarating aerial trek above and through the dense tropical rainforest canopy. You will be given a safety briefing and completely outfitted in safety gear, consisting of body harness, helmet and gloves, for an adrenaline-stimulating soar through the jungle treetops.

You’ll soar from platform to platform, along steel cables suspended high above the ground. Screaming is allowed. A team of experienced staff guides will be in front of and behind you at all times. Excitement is secondary only to safety.

Explorer – US $56/pp*

This adventure is for those relatively new to ziplining and offers 1,135 feet of cable and takes 45 minutes from start to finish. Via 4 runs and 7 platforms you explore the jungle canopy overhead and end this tour via the exciting jungle lift run.

Intermedio – US $73/pp*

This adventure offers a longer zipline experience. It provides 2,573 feet in 7 runs and 12 platforms and includes hiking and crossing a hammock bridge.

Ultimo Explorer – US $84/pp*

This adventure is a 2 hour tour for zipline enthusiasts. It combines the Explorer and Intermedio in over 2,700 feet of zip line comprised of 9 runs and 15 platforms that take you over and through the jungle.

Cave Exploration – US $28*

From the heights of the jungle, enter Bega 1 Cave to view crystal formations over 5 million years old. This cave is easily accessible and offers both an altar used for sacred ritualsZiplining-Belize-Vacation-4

For yet more challenge, enter Boxtunich for its extensive pottery remnants, ancient formations and a sacred ceremonial chamber. Degree of difficulty: a bit more than basic because it also requires a hike to and from the cave entry and a little more rock negotiation inside.

*Note: Each cave is US$23/pp when combined with ziplining.

Jungle Swing – US $28*

El Columpio: Experience Belize’s only jungle swing. Feel alive and unfettered as you ascend a replica of a Mayan Pyramid and are launched from its 50 feet apex to see the jungle from different aerial views.


Departure: Flexible
Duration: Varies
Fitness: Moderate (ziplining and Bega 1); excellent for Boxtunich
Lunch: N/A
Admissions: N/A
Dress: Short or long pants and sturdy footwear, sleeve lengths are optional

What To Bring

Sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, raingear if needed. We provide water.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mariposa Tours prices include transportation, guide, admissions, lunch when specified, and 12.5% General Sales Tax.  Price does not include discretionary gratuities to drivers or guides. For tipping guidelines, you may wish to see our FAQ.


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