Belize Botanic Gardens

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The Belize Botanic Gardens is a lovely place for visitors who love to view and learn about orchids, palms, birds, medicinal plants and organic gardening. The site can be reached by tube, horseback or vehicle. Mariposa Jungle Lodge and Tours will arrange your visit via the transportation means of your choice and, optionally, in conjunction with visits to other nearby sites.

The Belize Botanic Gardens offers an invaluable collections of plants native to Belize and from around the world, ranging from a diverse set of orchids, palms, cycads, tropical fruits, flowering trees, native plants and other horticultural oddities.

Orchids – The orchid collection is a major feature at Belize Botanic Gardens. It includes a collection of all the known flora orchids of Belize. This collection inspired the 2012 addition of the private Orchid Garden at Mariposa Jungle Lodge.

Palms – The palm collection at Belize Botanic GaBelize-Botanic-Garden-2rdens contains nearly all the 40 native palm of Belize, including the Shippia concolor, found naturally only in Belize, and 50 palm species from around the world.

Tropical Fruits – The Belize Botanic Gardens holds one of the largest collections of tropical fruits in Belize, including Lychee, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Breadfruit, Jackfruit,Price depends on means of access. Please ask. Admission is free for children under 12.Mango, Avocado, Starfruit, Jaboticaba, Mammy Apple, Malay Apple, Black sapote, Sweetsop, Soursop, Java Apple, Govenor’s Plum, Bilimbi and many other

Access Options

  • By vehicle from Lodge
  • By vehicle as adjunct to Xunantunich
  • By tube as adjunct to Macal River Tubing
  • By horseback and optional adjunct to Xunantunich


Departure: Varies based on means of travel and related activities.
Duration: Same, but minimum half day if to and from Mariposa Jungle Lodge. Physical Fitness Requirement: Any
Food Included: N/A unless part of related itinerary.
Admissions: US$7.50/pp
Dress: Comfortable walking shoes. Casual depending on weather.

What to Bring

Insect repellent. Camera.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mariposa Tours prices include transportation, guide, admission, and lunch when specified. Prices do not include 12.5% General Sales Tax and discretionary gratuities to drivers or guides. For tipping guidelines, you may wish to see our FAQ.

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