Crystal Cave (Mountain Cow) Caving

Extreme caving with descent into Xibalba

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Join an experienced caving guide on a long, challenging hike through the jungle to Crystal Cave, also called “Mountain Cow” in honor of the local tapir, the National Animal of Belize, where you will descend with ropes and explore a spectacular cave system.

You’ll be led through huge caverns adorned with spelothems and crystalline formations, artifacts of pottery, beads, obsidian blades and human skeletal remains that have been calcified in the limestone floor. Explore the realms of the underworld, Xibalba, where Maya shamans and priests became entranced to conduct ceremonies and rituals. Lunch is served in the cave.

When you conquer Crystal Cave, you’ll ask yourself if you would do it again. It’s as close to extreme caving as an amateur spelunker is likely to experience.

Your adventure will be topped off by a visit to the Inland Blue Hole National Park, where you can relax and enjoy a swim in the refreshing waters before returning to the Lodge.

US $125/pp (based on 2 person minimum)


Departure: 8:00 am belize-all-inclusive-adventure-packages-2
Duration: Full day
Fitness Requirement: Very good. Challenging, fatiguing hike followed by long, very challenging cave.
Food Provided: Packed lunch (eaten in cave)
Dress: Short or long pants and sturdy footwear. You will be provided with hardhat and headlight.

What To Bring

Sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, swimwear for Blue Hole, raingear if needed. We provide water and towels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mariposa Tours prices include transportation, guide, and lunch when specified. Prices do not include 12.5% General Sales Tax and discretionary gratuities to drivers or guides. For tipping guidelines, you may wish to see our FAQ.


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