Eco Lodge

Are We a Belize Eco-Resort?

Yes. Mariposa Jungle Lodge is committed to providing a great Belize jungle adventure for our guests in a safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly manner, conserving our natural resources and operating with Eco-tourism principles in mind.

As a Belize Eco-resort, we follow practices that assist in the preservation of the ancient rainforest and protection of the bio-diversity of our earth. We also strive to contribute to our local population and protect and preserve our magnificent natural surroundings.

Conservation practices we follow as a Belize Eco Resort:

  • In our en suite bathrooms, we offer dispensers with body wash, shampoo and hair conditioner. The Jungle-Flowers-5ingredients are biodegradable and in a permanent dispenser that we refill. This helps reduce waste associated with product packaging designed for individual use
  • We use only biodegradable toilet tissue
  • To conserve energy, we use fluorescent lighting where appropriate throughout the property
  • Without compromising functionality, we have installed low flush water toilets and conservation shower heads
  • We use “on demand” water heaters, which only heat up when a hot water faucet is turned on
  • Water is served in our bar and restaurant “on request” in order to conserve
  • “Gray Water” from the sinks and baths is used to irrigate the flora and fauna found on our Belize Eco-resort

We believe our guests have intentionally selected a Belize Eco-resort as a responsible choice that allows them to enjoy the jungle while sustaining the environment. They are pleased to cooperate when we ask them to join in our efforts to preserve this bountiful planet for future generations. For example, we ask guests:

  • to make a personal choice on how often they want towels or linens changed
  • to turn off faucets when not actually using running water, and
  • to return all bottles, whether plastic or glass, for recycling

As a Belize eco-resort, we contribute to the sustainability of our Village environment in many ways.

  • We participate actively in a private litter removal program by adopting a mile of the San Antonio Road from the junction with the Mt. Pine Ridge Road north. Our staff regularly picks up litter left along the road by people who aren’t sensitive to its effect on the natural beauty and ecology of our area
  • We burn flammable materials, bury organic food waste, and return bottles and plastic for recycling or safe disposal
  • We reject plastic grocery bags whenever possible by bringing our own cloth or paper carriers to the markets
  • We boycott the use of Styrofoam products
  • We promote the use of unadulterated seeds by local farmers
  • We are developing a local education program to present in local schools and churches in an effort to sensitize the local people about the need for immediate care and long-term preservation of our precious land and rainforest
  • We strive to pursue realistic conservation efforts to ensure our status as a Belize eco-resort, while meeting the expectations of sophisticated, discerning travelers

We contribute to the indigenous people of San Antonio, Cayo, our local Village and select Belize charities.

  • We sponsor attendance at specialized training educational courses by our employees and local youth
  • We have introduced specialized tools and training for employees who have become skilled finish carpenters and construction workers
  • We contribute to San Ignacio Rotary to support its project to provide scholarship assistance to needy and deserving local youth
  • We provide Christmas food baskets and basic clothing for needy families
  • We have established the MJL scholarship program to enable deserving young locals to attend High School


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