Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

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Green Hills Butterfly Ranch is a photographer’s dream opportunity to capture many species of the elusive creatures through a lens. A trained guide will offer a brief lecture on the life cycle of several of Belize’s magnificent butterflies before you explore the tropical environment in which they’re nurtured. Green Hills also offers an exception array of hummingbirds who visit to feed at a well-provisioned feeding site maintained by the Green Hills proprietors.

Be prepared for butterflies to land on you or your clothing and have your camera ready for the unexpected sight of your companion sporting butterflies on his head or shoulders.

US $25/pp* (based on 2 person minimum)

SAVING OPPORTUNITY: Combo Barton Creek & Green Hills: US $100/pp*


Departure: Flexible 8:30-3:30
Duration: One to two hours spent in Hummingbird Garden and on grounds – varies with time
Food Provided: N/A
Fitness Requirement: Any level
Admissions: N/A
Dress: Comfortable. Covered feet recommended

What To Bring

Insect repellent, camera, raingear if needed. (Note: insect repellent may keep the butterflies from landing on you.)

Happy Hour in the Butterfly HouseGreen-Hills-Happy-Hour

Lovers of butterflies and unique experiences should reserve a place for Happy Hour in the Butterfly House at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, shortly before sunset. You will be served Belikin beer or stout, Mariposa Magic Rum Punch, non-alcoholic rum drink or soft drinks while you marvel at this natural phenomenon.

Every evening in the fading light, the butterflies perform their dance, establishing their places in the butterfly hierarchy in shifting clouds and scatters, wreaths and ropes, twisting through the forest architecture. Like the butterflies themselves, it is powerful and ephemeral – a display of delicate strength for some 45 minutes only, then done for another day.”– Jan Meerman, Green Hills Butterfly Ranch.

This event is limited to guests from one resort per evening and is by appointment only. Mariposa Tours will take between 4 and a maximum of 12 guests per evening, so advanced reservations are necessary.

US $60/pp* (based on 4 person minimum); US$30*/per each additional person in group.

  • Belizean drinks included
  • 24 hours notice required


Departure: ½ hour before sunset
Distance: 10 minute drive
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Fitness: Any level
Admissions: N/A
Dress: Comfortable. Covered feet recommended.

What To Bring

Insect repellent, camera. (Note: Insect repellent may keep the butterflies from landing on you.)

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mariposa Tours prices include transportation, guide, admissions, lunch when specified, and 12.5% General Sales Tax.  Price does not include discretionary gratuities to drivers or guides. For tipping guidelines, you may wish to see our FAQ.

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