Welcome to Mariposa Jungle Lodge

We are your hosts, Jim & Sharyn Brinker, retired American expatriates who live in Belize. When we first visited Belize as tourists, we selected a day-long horseback ride excursion through the jungle. During several hours of riding, we saw no one other than our small group of six, no sign of development other than the dirt road used as an alternative route for firefighting, or any sign of litter. We were awestruck by the natural beauty and Your-Hostspeace.

The sound of silence was interrupted only by the singing of numerous tropical birds. A single, magnificent Blue Morpho butterfly appeared. We knew we were in love with the area. We bought the site of the future Mariposa Jungle Lodge several days later. Then we fulfilled a fantasy by creating an intimate lodge that offers the ambiance, amenities and service we believe a discerning traveler should expect.

When researching holidays in Belize, we invite you to join us in our own piece of pristine forest, where the altitude and high tree canopies offer pleasant temperatures and cool nights for sleeping. We’re anxious to show you the Maya artifacts and relics we found in the process of developing our eco-lodge and cabañas. We want you to awaken with a smile when you hear the joyful cacophony of our myriad birds, and to fall asleep to the sound of nature transmitted to us by geckos, toads and cicadas.

If you appreciate the treasure of natural beauty and peace, you will love Belize and its friendly people. Join us for an unforgettable Belize travel experience in our beautiful adopted country. Please take a moment to meet our Mariposa Jungle Lodge Family and our wonderful Belize Tour Guides.

Your Hosts,
Jim & Sharyn Brinker

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