Belize Crystal Cave

Join an experienced caving guide on a challenging hike through the jungle to Crystal Cave, (also called “Mountain Cow” in honor of the tapir, the National Animal of Belize) where you will descend with ropes and explore a spectacular cave system. Adorned with crystalline formations, artifacts, and human skeletal remains that have been calcified into the limestone floor, you’ll explore the Maya underworld, Xibalba, where shamans and priests came to perform ceremonies and rituals. These days we prefer to simply have lunch in the cave.

Your adventure will be topped off by a visit to the Inland Blue Hole National Park, where you can relax and enjoy a swim in the refreshing waters before returning to the Lodge. This day tour is the most extreme caving experience an amateur spelunker is likely to have. When you conquer Crystal Cave, you’ll probably ask yourself “Would I do it again?” Remembering the thrill and excitement will always answer “Yes!”

All Your Own

Wander, wonder, or simply relax – the choice is yours when the outside world feels so very far away.