Welcome to Mariposa Jungle Lodge

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A complimentary Belizean welcome drink.
  • A personalized orientation session.
  • Luxurious cabaña accommodations with air-conditioning designed for comfort, cleanliness, and privacy with beautiful views, built in the jungle around authentic Mayan rockwork.
  • Lush cotton towels and linens.
  • Excellent variety and quality of food, including full breakfast and four-course dinners.
  • Canopy beds with mosquito nets.
  • An air-conditioned library with a substantial collection of reading materials, and a collection of art and memorabilia from around the world. Read More…

Our Pool


Our el-shaped pool is enhanced by a Belizean slate waterfall designed and built by Damian Ixtecoc, one of our key long-term staff and licensed tour guides. The pool, with depth ranging from 4’ to 5’, features built-in bar stools and ledges for reading and relaxation. Our nearby Blue Morpho Cantina provides poolside snacks, full bar service, and hammocks for comfortable respite from the sun.

Mariposa Nature Trail & Hikes


The Mariposa Nature Trail was identified and created by the original Mariposa outdoor staff. Numerous Belize trees and medicinal plants are identified along the route. Mariposa offers morning Nature Trail guided tours by appointment. A leisurely hike of the Mariposa Nature Trail takes about 45 minutes and leads the hiker to the main path to the Mariposa Birdwatching Tower or back to the Lodge and Cabañas. For guests who prefer to explore independently, a Resort Map is provided at check-in. The map offers directions for more extensive on-sight independent hiking. Guides are available at an hourly rate for guests who prefer to be escorted.

The Blue Morpho Cantina


The Blue Morpho Cantina is our poolside palapa bar. Our guests can enjoy tropical cocktails and other beverage service in and around the pool. A favorite place to wind down after a day of fun and adventure. Be sure to try the ring game.

Mariposa Bird Watching Tower


A ten minute hike along a groomed path leads to our Jungle Birdwatching Tower. This sturdy structure is about 20 feet above the ground with a 16 square foot deck and 3’ tall guardrails. The structure allows up to 16 people to sit comfortably taking in nature at its finest. Dedicated twitchers (birdwatchers) love the full 360 degree view with different trees, density, nests, and birdlife. Birdwatching by day, stargazing by night. Overnight sleeping by special arrangement.

Mariposa Jungle Gift Shop


The Mariposa Jungle Lodge gift shop concentrates on offering the arts and crafts of local Belizeans, ranging from wood carvings made from exquisite, colorful Belizean hardwoods, original paintings to slate carvings from the artisans of nearby SakTunich. It also features baskets, placemats, and earrings made of Jippy Jappa by Belizean Mayans who are perpetuating the traditional art of their people. We carry a selection of Belize souvenirs and selected textile and woven items from nearby Guatemala, the original home of many of the Maya and Mestizos in our immediate area.

Mariposa Orchid Garden


The Mariposa Orchid Garden is a labor of love conceived by a friend and occasional employee with expertise in landscaping and jungle flora and fauna. He erected a bamboo frame on which he placed species of Belize orchids that bloom at different times of the year. Guests are offered a technical map and welcome to visit the Orchid Garden and learn more about these exquisite miniature flowers. The Mariposa Jungle Lodge site is naturally blessed with a generous collection of Black Orchids, the National Flower of Belize. These are among the numerous epiphytes (air plants) that miraculously appear on tree trunks, branches, dead stumps, and other plants and accentuate the complexity of jungle nature. Beautiful Black Orchid plants can be found in the center of the main parking area and in front of the cabaña not surprisingly named “Orchid.”

Our Hammock Palapa


The Hammock Palapa features double-sized hammocks for individual or joint use. Guests enjoy the gentle sway of the hammock and shade afforded by the cohune palm roof. Whether in the pool or in a hammock, guests need only lift a hand to beckon a Mariposa staff member for service.

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