Moho Caye or Silk Caye

Visit these gorgeous island of the coast of Placencia

Moho Caye
Among all the Jewels in Belize, Moho Caye stands out as one of the most beautiful, untouched cayes with white sandy beaches surrounded by hues of blue and green water. It’s a perfect destination for swimming and snorkeling, and popular for fly fishing around the flats.

This tiny patch of Caye in the Caribbean Sea is perfect for a day trip or even camping since it’s only thirty-five minutes away from the Placencia Peninsula- the second most popular place to vacation in Belize. Moho Caye does not have any accommodations, restaurants or bars, but there are bbq grills, picnic tables, restrooms, hammocks, beach chairs, volleyball nets and other small activities. Since it is a private Island, there is a daily limit for visitors to ensure that the Caye is not over crowded and kept clean at all times.

Moho Caye is about 12 acres of coconut trees, oaks, almonds and mangroves. It is approximately 9 miles away from the famous Belize Barrier Reef which only indicates that the area is rich with marine life and a healthy ecosystem. The entire beach front is about 3000 feet of soft, white coral sand which slopes into shallow crystal clear water with patches of coral beds and small reef systems. Get to see colorful tropical fishes like the parrot fish, angel fish, blue tang and snorkel around large groupers, barracudas, snappers and tunas.

INTENSITY: Challenging
MIN # OF PPL: 2 Person
RESTRICTION: Must be 40 inches or taller

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