Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)

The “Cave of the Stone Sepulchur”
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This is an exceptionally popular  excursion in light of the unique characteristics of this incredible cave and the multi-faceted scope of the experience. Words are inadequate to describe it, (but we’ll try.)
Actun Tunichil Muknal, popularly known in Belize as “ATM” is the ultimate, unique, multi-sensory Belize Cave Tour. ATM consists of a series of chambers, including a 300 by 50 meter Cathedral where sacrificial ceremonies once took place. This is a rare opportunity to visit a living museum where human sacrifices and artifacts can be viewed in their original context. The hike is easy, but there is some challenge to entering Xibalba, the fearsome, unseen Maya world beneath the earth, that only shamans and kings could enter.

To explore this piece of Maya underworld, you must hike about 45 minutes, wade across a river three times, and pass through a stretch of deep water that requires a short swim. Sometimes you must climb from rock to rock or over rocks. The reward is a unique and unforgettable experience. Welcome to Xibalba!

In September, 2014, National Geographic designated ATM as #1 of the top ten “Sacred Places of a Lifetime.”

This caving trip requires a reasonable level of physical fitness and an adventuresome spirit.  Not recommended for claustrophobics.


Departure: 8:00 amATM Belize Adventure 2 - Copy

Duration: Full day
Physical Fitness Requirement: Good
Food Included: Picnic lunch and snacks
Dress: Shorts or pants, t-shirt or any top that covers shoulders (shoulder covering is required for purposes of safety and respect) footgear that will be comfortable with closed toes.

What to bring

Insect repellent, shoes you can wear through water & jungle, socks, change of clothes and dry shoes. We provide water and beach towels. Cameras are not allowed inside the cave but there are other photo opportunities on the approach and entry. Whatever you bring must be left with your van driver; nothing is allowed in the cave but properly-attired guests and a specially-licensed guide for a group of up to 8 people.

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