Cave Tubing

Explore the Caves Branch River

We believe this opportunity to float down a river through a series of Maya ceremonial caves is unique to Belize. It is very popular with guests and most efficiently accomplished en route to or from Mariposa Jungle Lodge to save transportation time and cost. Can also be a full day trip originating at the Lodge.

The Caves Branch River is a unique river that flows through the foothills of the Maya Mountains in the Cayo District of Belize. From headwaters deep underground in a cave, it emerges and flows for 20 to 30 miles through the rainforest until it meets the Sibun River. During its course, it encounters numerous limestone hills. Instead of flowing around these hills, it plunges through them in a series of caves.

Our cave tubing adventure takes us through a small portion of this run, offering yet another unique Belize adventure tour.

You will wade across the river to reach a well-tended trail for a 45-minute jungle trek (tube in hand.) When you enter the river, you will “drop into” your tube and don your headlamp for an exciting, but peaceful, float through the Mayan underworld. For most of the float, you need only steer lightly with your hands and let the river take you through an underground cave system. Your guide will be watching you at all times and enhancing your float with tales of the spiritual use of these caves by the ancient Maya.


Departure: 8:00 am (may vary)
Duration: Full day, unless experienced en route to or from Mariposa Jungle Lodge
Fitness: Moderate to good; able to hike 45 minutes
Food Provided: Picnic lunch and snacks
Recommended Clothing: Swimsuit or shorts and cotton shirt, shoes you can wear through water and jungle

What To Bring

Sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, and dry change of clothes and shoes. We provide water and beach towels.

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